how do people have relationship after relationship like i can’t find a single person to find me remotely attractive for a solid second


real pain is having to wash your hair after a good hair day

If I’m comfortable with you, I’ll:



  • call you names
  • tell you weird and personal details about myself
  • say “I NEED TO PEE” instead of just brb
  • type in caps a lot.

If i’m extra comfortable with you I’ll do all that and:

  • talk casually about porn and really perverted thoughts 
  • share funny photos from my tumblr dash
  • actually tell you when i’m upset 
  • try to make conversation with you 
  • just generally act really silly when I’m in a good mood
  • tell you jokes even if they’re bad 

WE RESPECT THEM.Guys. I know this is kinda the same. The # is a different (some people weren’t smart enough to understand the thought behind it), and I edited the picture of Jennifer Lawrence.
PLEASE SHARE ONLY THIS ONE!The other one (and especially the not blurred version, is against her rights too.) Please consider, reblogging this. And thanks for your support so far.


i dont trust people who can look good with messy hair

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schools have stairs so you can throw yourselves down them

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seriously fuck you greg


I really kinda maybe wanna hear you moan. 

I don’t hate him the way he hates me. How could I? I understand him. He hates me because he doesn’t understand me at all.

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